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Slow and unreliable Wi-Fi and LAN connections are not just inconveniences, they’re critical issues businesses can’t ignore. Traditional managed Wi-Fi and LAN services, once the backbone of business connectivity, now strain under the weight of modern demands, unable to keep up with the growth of connected devices, dispersed workforces, and demand for seamless user experiences.

Orro’s Next-Generation Wireless service addresses these challenges by combining the power of our One Touch Control AIOps platform with round-the-clock support from our network engineers and AI-native wireless access technology from Juniper Networks.

We're here to transform your networking woes into wins with a software-defined AI-native networking approach that simplifies management, delivers predictive insights for proactive troubleshooting, ensures peak performance and robust security wherever your users are.

Our strategy is not just to patch up the gaps left by legacy systems but to catapult your business into the future with networking infrastructure that effortlessly scales to meet your evolving needs.

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Key capabilities to keep you connected



Managed & Professional Services

Unified, Real-Time Visibility

See your network in full view, from device health to user experiences, through one intuitive dashboard — brought to life with real-time data from your devices, cloud services, and

Anomaly Detection & Automated Remediation

Any unusual activity across your network, like unexpected traffic spikes, is spotted quickly by our AI-native systems, and remediation actions such as policy adjustments are automatically initiated. 

Troubleshooting & Root Cause Analysis

Fix problems before they escalate by streamlining the troubleshooting process with AI. Our systems automatically correlate data from all endpoints to identify and proactively solve the root cause of issues. 

Centralised Policy Creation & Enforcement

Instantly create and enforce access policies based on specific roles, device types, and user identities. Policies can be adjusted in real time to keep your network secure and humming smoothly.

Threat Detection & Response

A sophisticated combination of AI security capabilities, threat intelligence, and analytics helps to pinpoint and investigate anomalies in real time, as well as to swiftly contain and remove genuine threats.

Open APIs & Integrations

Automate a wide range of network functions (such as provisioning, monitoring, alert handling, and remediation) through open APIs and integrations with third-party tools and databases.



24x7 Monitoring & Support

Our certified engineers monitor your network around the clock, ready to act at the slightest sign of an issue. Plus, they're always available to provide you with support and answer any questions you have.

Site Surveys

Prior to setting up your network, our experts perform site surveys to find the best spots for your wireless access points. Following the deployment, they come back to check your signal strength and coverage.

Maintenance, Updates & Continuous Optimisation

Regular software and firmware updates and continuous optimisation by our network engineers ensure your network is always performing at its best, as well as meeting the needs of your business and users. 

Assessment & Design

Our experts conduct thorough assessments of your existing network to identify any performance bottlenecks and security gaps, using these insights to design a network that’s perfectly tailored to your needs. 

Deployment & Integration

All essential hardware and software components are integrated into your existing network infrastructure by our certified engineers, who make sure everything works together smoothly. 

Regular Reviews & Resources

Every quarter, we sit down with you for a network performance review, ensuring your network is propelling your objectives forward. Plus, you get access to a wealth of online resources for continuous learning.

Orro + Juniper Networks

Bringing you the most advanced AI-Native wireless access solution


Ready for anything: Adapt in real-time to changes in your network conditions, user demands, and business objectives.



Simplify and unify: Automate network monitoring, configuration, policy enforcement, optimisation, and other functions that drain IT resources unnecessarily — all through a single pane of glass.




Grow as you go: Welcome new users, apps, and devices. Our intelligent network expands with your ambitions, avoiding costly overhauls.



Never-ending vigilance: Shield your network and data from unwanted eyes with integrated AI-powered security measures that prevent, detect, and remove threats in real time.



Business continuity

Built-in resilience: Keep your business running smoothly, no matter what happens, with a self-optimising, self-healing, and self-organising network.



Economise without compromise: Save on operating and troubleshooting fees by removing complicated and error-prone network configurations.




Seamless user experiences, everywhere: Ensure every user enjoys a smooth experience across any app or device by proactively solving problems with AI.



Proactive and pre-emptive: Our network engineers bring the highest level of expertise in Juniper Mist to provide you with 24x7 support and proactive enhancements to your infrastructure.



One Touch Control at the heart of Orro Next-Gen Wireless

The All-Seeing, All-Knowing Dashboard

OTC provides real-time, end-to-end visibility over your IT estate through one intuitive dashboard. Integrating with industry-leading observability and security tools, OTC gives you actionable insight into your posture for proactive action.


Intelligent Incident Management

 Orro accelerates incident resolution. Automatically generating tickets when an issue has been detected, helps identify the root cause of an issue, and preserves incident data for future trend analysis and enhancements.

AI-Enhanced Vigilance

The combined AI capabilities of OTC and Marvis are your force multiplier, predicting potential issues before they occur, learning from each incident to enhance future responses, and autonomously managing known issues to minimise human intervention.


Diagram of Orro's Secure Client to Cloud architecture framework
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Future proof your business and experience wireless connectivity at its best. Because Happy Wi-Fi means Happy Li-Fi.

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between traditional wireless and LAN solutions and Next-Generation Wireless?

Great question. There are several key differences.

  • Software-based control: Unlike traditional solutions, which are on-premise hardware-heavy, Next-Generation Wireless operates through software for easier resource and bandwidth management.
  • Automated management: Next-Generation Wireless automates network tasks like updates and device onboarding, eliminating downtime seen in conventional LAN setups.
  • Flexible architecture: Next-Generation Wireless’ software-based control plane lets IT managers handle traffic and configurations centrally, simplifying overall network management compared to static traditional LAN architectures.
  • Centralised security: Next-Generation Wireless simplifies security management by centralising controls, eliminating the manual patching needed in traditional LANs.
  • Extended network segmentation: Next-Generation Wireless introduces advanced network segmentation, bolstering security through policy-based traffic control and identity-driven access for different user types.

Contact us to learn more about how Next-Generation Wireless can elevate your existing infrastructure.

I don’t run a large operation; do I need such an advanced wireless solution?

Advanced technology isn't just for big businesses. Next-Generation Wireless is a scalable, adaptable, and flexible solution that can be customised to your business needs.

If any of these challenges hit home, now might be the perfect time to explore what better wireless connectivity can do for you.

  • The effort required to manage traditional networks is often overwhelming. Disparate tools and siloed data turns oversight into guesswork.
  • Your network struggles under the demands of mobile devices, IoT, and cloud apps. Users face dead zones, dropped connections, and bandwidth constraints.
  • Static network infrastructure cannot keep up with your evolving needs. When your business expands or pivots, adapting your network feels like an uphill battle.
  • Legacy networks are prime targets for cyber threats. Without the capability to detect and respond to threats instantly, your business is at high risk of experiencing costly data breaches.

Get in touch and we’ll run through everything.

Will Next-Generation Wireless fit into our existing network setup or will it replace it?

The solution is designed to slot right into your current network infrastructure, seamlessly integrating next-generation hardware and software components, including Juniper MIST access points, switches and our One Touch Control platform. No major overhauls needed.

We’re not experts. Is Next-Generation Wireless complicated to implement?

You don’t need to be experts. That’s what we’re here for! Our engineers will take care of deployment and integration for you, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal disruption to your operations.

What if I have more specific questions?

Ask away! We’re here to help. Get in touch with us here.

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